Should You Buy Regular Seeds For Weed?

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Regular seeds are also known as unsexed seeds and are quite popular amongst growers. This is because unlike feminized seeds, they can give you 50{339dbe7f2191d0992ccea1a76dce7edb21e10ea63e6f5f66f5d825dafc7081d5} male plants and 50{339dbe7f2191d0992ccea1a76dce7edb21e10ea63e6f5f66f5d825dafc7081d5} female plants. There are many advantages to this if you are planning on breeding your own hybrids and growing your batch at your home. Male plants contain pollen and this pollen basically transfers to the female’s stigmata to reproduce. As a result of this, the plant starts to flower and give you more weed to smoke. If you don’t want seedy flowers, however, you can always separate the males and females and only pollinate them as and when you require doing so. Seedy flowers can be a little annoying to smoke as they keep popping, crackling and don’t give you the proper high.

What are the advantages of buying regular seeds?

When you buy regular seeds, you can experiment with creating your own strain of weed. For someone starting their own business, this can be a great thing as you can start selling weed strains that are unique to your own business. As a result, you can guarantee a certain amount of customer loyalty and can even attract more customers.

If you are not starting a business and are just growing weed for personal use, the experimentation can prove to be even more exciting. This is because you can then create the perfect plant that meets your needs like no other. An example of a hybrid that was created this way is Gelato OG – this is a hybrid of OG Kush and Gelato and offers the perfect high. It is Indica dominant and is very fun to smoke.

There is no way to overstate the benefits of experimenting and growing your own hybrids because it ensures that your high is entirely in your hands. You don’t have to end up with a bad trip because you smoked something that does not really agree with you. Nothing gets better than that!

Should you buy regular seeds online?

Yes, definitely. It makes the most sense to get any seeds you want online, especially if you go to the website of a proper seed bank. This is because a seed bank provides you with access to various types of seeds, which can ensure that you get to buy anything you like. You won’t have to limit yourself to whatever your seed seller has in stock at the moment. Plus, everything gets delivered right to your doorstep so you don’t even have to stress about going out and procuring the seeds yourself.

Get yourself the perfect regular seeds and start experimenting with them as soon as you possibly can!

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