Tips and Skincare Travel Essentials for Your Next Trip

TSA-Approved Skin Care: Travel Essentials For Your Summer Getaway

Whether you’re traveling for a vacation or you’re not at home, it is only for a couple of days. It can be tempting to postpone your skincare routine in the process. But to continue to look good and to stay on top of your skincare game while on the road is vital. There are many pieces of advice and health instructors ready to offer you with various steps to take in keeping your skin looking good. Here are a few tips that you can use to set up for healthy skin, regardless of where you’re headed.

Make Your Products Easy to Access

If on your trip you don’t have access to a sink, then packing a bottled cleanser won’t do you a lot of good. Consider buying travel-size containers that you can fill up with any goods you already have its full-size version. That way, items that could just lay around, such as contact lens cases, can come in handy when you know you need just a little product.

Optimize Skin’s Moisture from the Inside Out

Having healthy skin requires that you keep hydrated. However, air travel will dry it out. That is what makes water one of the most important aspects of travel skincare. Make it a goal not to drink below eight ounces of clean water for each hour you’re in the air, to look and sound your best.

You should make your safety from the sun paramount, no matter where you’re going. Make sure you’ve at least picked a travel-size sunscreen in stick or liquid form. If you have a window seat for an aircraft, consider using sunscreen. That’s because each hour your spend up there is approximately equal to spending 20 minutes in a tanning bed, according to French Pharmacy analysis of sun exposure by flight crews. Of course, whether you’re commuting by car, train, or bus, you can also opt for sun protection; it’s always safer to be safe than sorry.

Set Yourself Reminders and Notifications

It’s essential to maintain regular, safe skin habits to keep your skin looking its best — no matter what time zone you operate. If you are out of your familiar environment and have a tendency to miss sections (or all) of your routines, consider setting regular calendar reminders during your journey.

Will you want to go the extra mile? Have a shortlist with each reminder of the items you may need to apply.

Make Travel a Chance Treat Yourself

You may be afraid of the possibility of a long flight or train trip, but it’s the best time you can get to focus on your skin. This is particularly true if you are too busy with your daily life for masks and treatments that must stay on your skin for a while.

Do you have any hours to go before your ETA? Enjoy a hand mask that enhances radiance, and eventually try out the under-eye gel patches you’ve heard about or soothe your feet with a moisturizing lotion. You might also put a moisturizing mask on for long-haul flights when you’re sleeping and then wash it off in the bathroom by using one of your wipes (genius, right?) make-up removers.

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