Cracked Feet, Here’s How to Overcome It!

Although not a serious problem, cracked feet still need to be treated to reduce discomfort and prevent infection. An effective way to treat this foot problem is to restore moisture to the feet, both from within (drinking water) and from the outside (using foot moisturizer).

Cracked feet are a very common foot problem and can be experienced by anyone, including children. There are many things that could be the cause. Starting from wearing shoes for too long, using the wrong soap, to the feet being soaked in water for too long, causing the heels to lose moisture.
Cracked feet are usually not a serious problem, but this condition can cause discomfort when walking, even pain. So, don’t leave it alone, let’s find out how to deal with cracked feet here.

1 Keep Feet Clean

It is important to keep your cracked feet or heel area clean and dry every day. However, avoid using soaps that contain alcohol and fragrances which can dry out the skin. To keep your feet skin moist, you should use mild soaps that contain natural moisturizers.

2 Shower with Cold Water

Those of you who have dry skin and cracked feet should not use hot or warm water for bathing. That’s because hot water can make the skin of your body and feet dry. Try to shower with cold water or room temperature.

3 Use Foot Moisturizer

Before going to bed at night, apply petroleum jelly to your feet, then wrap your feet in comfortable socks and leave them overnight while sleeping. This method is effective for moisturizing your cracked feet. Or you can also use coconut oil or honey which is highly nutritious as a moisturizer.

4 Use Foot Cream

Choose a foot cream that contains urea, salicylic acid, alpha-hydroxy acid, and isomeric saccharides to treat cracked feet. This content is useful for moisturizing the feet, overcoming calloused or thick skin, and keeping the skin of the feet always hydrated.

5 Drink plenty of water

Drinking lots of water is a great way to keep your whole body hydrated. Starting from the lips, throat, even to the skin of the feet. Meet the need for water in your body by drinking plenty of water, so that the dry skin of your feet can be overcome.

6 Rubbing Pumice

Another way to deal with this foot problem is to rub a pumice stone on the cracked foot area. A pumice stone can help exfoliate hard, dead skin. First, soak your feet in soapy water for five minutes, then wet a pumice stone and gently rub it over the cracked heels for two to three minutes.

7 Soak Your Feet In Lemon Water & Salt

Warm water mixed with lemon juice and salt can also treat cracked feet. Lemon is useful for getting rid of dead skin cells on the skin, while salt has the effect of preventing infection from arising on the feet.

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