What are sapphire hair transplants?

Maybe you’ve heard of sapphire hair transplants and have wondered “what are they?”. Sadly, it doesn’t mean that you get sparkling blue sapphires transplanted into your head. It actually refers to the tools used to perform the hair transplant. With sapphire tools, your transplant can look amazing. Here’s how it works.

How sapphire FUE hair transplants work

If you get a follicular unit extraction hair transplant, your doctor will use surgical pens for implanting hair follicles into the area you want. These surgical pens are tipped with sapphires and work really well for opening the channels where the follicles will be set. Once each follicle is placed, it will be treated with a special serum that will help them attach themselves to the canal strongly. You will end up with strong hair that can’t be removed too easily.

Who can apply for an FUE transplant?

Not just anyone can get an FUE hair transplant. For the follicles to be placed in the desired area, they need to come from somewhere. This place is called the donor area. These areas can vary depending on where you want the hair to grow and where you have strong and abundant follicles. Most transplanted follicles come from the back of the head. Most people, even those who are going bald on the top of their head, tend to have many useful follicles at the back and side. This can be the donor area for a beard transplant, eyebrow transplant, or even for the top of the head. However, if you don’t have enough follicles there, your specialist can suggest using the back, chest, or beard as the donor area.

What can be improved with a hair transplant?

People get hair transplants for different reasons. They may suffer from hair loss from stress, bad nutrition, or even just genetic predisposition. The loss can be total in a certain area or cause a thinning effect that the person finds unattractive in themselves. Common terms for types of hair loss are homogeneous thinning, receding hairline, opening in the temple area, and alopecia areata. The last one is commonly known as patchy hair. This can happen in several areas on the body. Men who search for hair transplants commonly have patches in their beard where hair doesn’t grow. While the rest of the facial hair can grow well, the patch can make the beard look irregular and unappealing. 

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