Podcast Episode #7: Environmental Alignment

Welcome to the 7th and last episode of The Mind, Body & Spirit podcast by Health2bfree.

In this podcast, George Helou (Ep7 Coaching Academy Founder, Perth Australia) and Jenny Korten (EP7 Certified Coach) introduce Step 7 of the Empowerment for Purpose in 7 Steps Programme.

EP7 consists of a structured methodology of going through the process of finding who you really are, by focusing on key circumstances in your current life, and deconstructing them to reveal the beliefs and principles that you live by, thus causing you to think, feel and act the way you do. Now that is the power of knowledge at work!

The conclusions that are revealed after going through the personal assessment process are there to guide you to understand who you are and are the trigger for the journey of moving from an old version to a new version of you. The Personal Assessment Process is twofold: an Empowerment Process which reveals how you feel when you are at your best, and a Disempowerment one when you are at your worst. 

We hope that these podcasts will help to bring you closer to finding the real YOU, and bring you inspirations to re-invent yourself in both your personal and professional life. 

Discover the highlights of our new episode which is about ”Environmental Alignment”:

Check our podcast episode #7 here :

  • We did a recap of Step 1 -6 highlighting key points such as finding the real you, creating your Real Purpose and how to multi-task in order to make things happen
  • Being empowered now with your new version of being, the threat of falling back into our old habits is very real
  • Step 7 is all about understanding this, and how to align your environment to your new version of being
  • We talk about ‘building a bridge’  with those that we want to carry on nurturing a relationship with, as a bridge offers a healthy dialogue about how both parties can evolve in the relationship
  • How ‘building a bridge’ should be done with compassion, empathy, and no judgement on our side

We have now reached the end of our 7 podcasts on the EP7 programme – stay tune for more exciting news soon!

If you are interested in knowing more about the EP7 programme, contact Jenny at [email protected] for a meeting!   

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Wishing you all good health

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