Step 6 : Make it Happen

Is it really our Purpose?

This chapter of step 6 is all about how to make things happen once we have been able to determine our True Purpose (see Step 5 on Purpose). 

Purpose is the language of the heart – if we battle to wake up in the morning, dreading the day ahead, then we need to re-think and go back to the drawing board, as chances are what we think is our Purpose are just obligation-based tasks, and not what makes us thrive! We need to question whether we are caught in old habits that are long outdated? 

Once we are aligned and in flow, our True Purpose will emerge and enable us to see clearly what empowers us”

Becoming Aligned for Action 

I must confess that I battled to talk about my experience of step 6 and how I went through my process to make things happen and be in flow.  

Because the truth about being in ‘flow’ is that it is an indescribable feeling of being driven, bouncing out of bed in the mornings, and just clear faith that everything will be well!  Does that make sense? I hope it does! 

I used to think that when good things happened to me, I was incredibly lucky, and it was just a fluke or coincidence. Let me give you an example: 

I used to dread going to shopping malls on Saturdays as I could never find a parking. And of course, it was a self-fulfilling prophecy as my state of mind, every time when I got to the parking lot, was “here we go ahead, the fight begins- survival of the fittest, who will get a parking space first!” and what a fight it always ended to be!   Then one day, armed with my new outlook on life, I decided that I needed to change the way I looked at it, and rather have the faith and belief that when I get into a full parking lot, there will always be space for me!  Parking from thereon has never been as easy and fluid, I ALWAYS find a parking spot! 

The tip to know that you are in alignment is that you feel so clear and purposeful about your life. You are happy in the moment and excited for the future. And you just know that all will be well”

If while reading this, you feel that you are not there yet, here are some guidelines of the main principles we need to remind ourselves of, to be in flow and allow us to define our True Purpose and make things happen 

“My self-worth is non-negotiable, and I will not act on anything that I feel will be compromising my self-worth” 



If we firmly believe in something, no obstacle will stand in our way as our brain will find opportunities to make it happen 

Everything we do has a cause and effect. When we are in control of the REAL cause, we automatically have full control of its results too! 

  • Creativity and Intuition 

When we are in our flow, we can clearly see the possibilities effortlessly as our creativity kicks in and we instinctively know how to get there 

Perspective gives us an opportunity to see things clearly as it broadens our vision on everything we do 

When we are in our flow, we attract other like-minded individuals, and working together we can achieve amazing results as one! 

Being present is the most powerful state of being as it allows us to let go of our old prejudices and create an opportunity for us to re-write a new version of us to move forward 

Learning on not over-planning and letting go of the need to control the outcome of a situation all the time. Experiences give us the ability to gain more insights and help us grow and evolve 

Giving full attention on what we are doing will help us dive deeper into finding the real opportunities that comes our way 

Determining our Priorities

Once we have ticked all our principles, we now need to have clear priorities to make things happen. Defining our priorities is key, as often we are tempted to choose the ‘easiest’ path, which does not necessarily fulfill our true purpose, Due to old habits we tend to automatically default on the same choices.  The key question to ask here is:

Are these choices fulfilling my values coming from the heart? Am I ready to give to others as well as receive with gratitude?” 

Power of Multi-Tasking   

The two most common and limiting excuses when we try and get things done are: not enough money and time! Sounds familiar? Time is one of the most popular excuses!  And yet time is simply just a measuring mechanism of what we do from one moment to the next.  Therefore, would you agree that: 

It is not more time that is key, rather what we do during that time”

Understanding the principle of Abundance is important when prioritizing our time. Abundance is about understanding and knowing deep in your heart, without a doubt, what is naturally right for you, and that resources are there to make it happen, no matter what. You instinctively know what to prioritise naturally with no effort and in a TIMELY manner!   

We are now in the right frame of mind to multi-task as we learn to optimise our resources to meet our new Purpose, at all costs! Nothing stands in our way when we are in our flow! 

An example of multi-tasking:

Going on brisk walk with my 2 dogs while listening to my favourite podcast at the same time! 

How good are you at multi-tasking? Can you think of multi-tasking activities that you do or can introduce in your daily routine? 

Stay tuned as we discuss Step 6: “Make it Happen” with George Helou, academic founder of EP7, in our next podcast! 

“Wishing you all good mental health”

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